Monday, November 7, 2011

Breathtaking Book Cover: Pure

Todays Breathtaking Book Cover is...

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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  1. Yep, Ms. Armintrout lucked out with this one. :-) That whispy blue-and-white rose is lovely and makes me want to crack open the cover.

  2. Beautiful cover that will engage any reader to at last take a peak. Makes me wonder what the story is about. It almost seems untouchable. I love to study book covers. Nice selection. - Pat

  3. Oh my gosh, YES!! I love Jennifer L. Armentrout's book covers too -- and I love her books! The whole blue flower of this one is just as pretty as the purple one on the cover of Half-Blood! Have you read Half-Blood yet? It's SO GOOD! :)

    Amazing pick for your cover today, Amanda! I agree with you one-hundred percent!

  4. ohhhhh love this one! I haven't read any of Jennifer's work but I really want to...especially now! Totally in love with the cover!



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