Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Hunter Hayes

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly segment hosted by Ginger from greads that showcases music. 
Each week you post a new or old song in hopes to gain it more interest.

Wanted by Hunter Hayes 

I downloaded this song during a promotion on Amazon for only $0.25. I instantly fell in love with the song, and started listening to it every night on repeat until I fell asleep. Because of this song I went and picked up Hunter's full length album and I couldn't be happier I did.

My second favorite song from the album is
"Cry With You"

Learn More About Hunter Hayes:
Official Website


  1. Some one else also posted Wanted and it was the first time I heard it. I liked it so thanks for sharing another song. I will have to go check out some more.

    1. I know, I saw that. I was like ahh great minds think alike! Haha. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it though, the rest of his music is definitely worth checking out! I love every song on the entire album! =)

  2. He's pretty adorable, haha! Cry For You is such a sweet song.

    1. That he is! Haha ;) Isn't the lyrics beautiful?!? Glad you liked it too =)

  3. Wow, I live in Nashville and feel like I should have hear of him. Love the words on all the surfaces in the video! Great choice!

    1. I'm surprised you haven't, but you have now =) I also love the words written on everything in the video, it looks so cool. He actually tours with that same piano so it wasn't just something they did for the video, which makes it even more awesome!


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