Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Segment: Wordlover Wednesday (Definition Revealed)

Only a couple people participated in guessing yesterdays wordlover word definition but they came up with some great guesses! Thanks for playing girls =) Now it's time to reveal the real definition of yesterdays word...

Taradiddle (tar-uh-DID-l)
Noun: 1. A pretty lie. 2. Pretentious nonsense.
Example: This investment is pure puffery and taradiddle.


  1. Sorry, I missed the word yesterday. But, I love how it sounds rolling off the tongue. Sounds British. I would never have guessed its meaning. Like it though! Again, sorry -- got caught up in an author interview I did with Michael Garland on his new Christmas book.

  2. That's okay, I'll be doing it again soon!


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