Monday, March 11, 2013

Breathtaking Book Cover: Dancing in the Dark

Todays Breathtaking Book Cover is...

Robyn Bavati


  1. My actual reaction - "Whoa. Pretty." I think I've seen this before but I don't really remember if I actually did. I know it probably won't but I do wonder what the influence the song had with the title of this book.
    This actually very loosely reminds me of A Company of Swans:

  2. OMG! I love this. It's so simple but the image is very powerful because of it. Great choice!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  3. Gorgeous cover, there is a lot of power in using such a "small" part of the cover and leaving the rest black

  4. Oh, I love the cover! <3 Soooo pretty. It seems as if the darkness is surrounding her. :) Somehow she reminds me of a barbie though, especially her hair and her delicate joints. Still, such a beautiful cover! I need to check this book on Goodreads. :)

    Awesome pick as always, Amanda! <3 Somehow you always know where to find the best covers! ;)


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