Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shuffle Saturday 25: Stubborn Love

Shuffle Saturdays is hosted by the girls at Pretty In Fiction, where you post a random song from your ipod each week

This weeks song is . . . 
Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

I can't even explain my LOVE for this song! All I know is it makes me happy & I can't stop listening to it. I really like how the music video doesn't concentrate on the band themselves, instead it shows a little girl as she looks out the back window of a car and at one point you see the band singing on a street corner which I thought was a cool way to incorporate themselves into it.

Find out more about The Lumineers:


  1. And now I'm in love with this song. I really need to start listening to The Lumineers more. There so good! Plus this video just gave me an awesome idea for a story I was working on so thank you for posting it!!

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