Friday, June 22, 2012

Book News: Cover Reveal

I have a few new cover reveals for ya!

The cover for book number three in the Unearthly Series has just been revealed on Goodreds.

This might be my favorite one yet! I absolutely love the coloring and the sky behind her is so pretty!

Coming sometime in 2013.

The third, and final book in the Eve Trilogy, coming out in April 2013.

This cover fits perfectly with the previous two and is just as stunning.

I love how we never see the front of Eve's face, just her signature red hair, always running towards whatever is in the distance. I love the colors used as well, I think the blues, and greens contrast really well with her hair, making it stand out even more.

Can't wait to read it!

Now while I do love this one, I'm actually surprised by how close it is to the first. I mean they're practically identical. I loved the first one so I guess I shouldn't be complaining but I just expected there to be a bigger difference between them to help differentiate. I think people could easily confuse the two thinking they had one, when they really had the other...

Coming February 2013.

Just a quick note:
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  1. I LOVE the cover of Boundless! It's just so pretty and it matches the first and second book cover! Rise has such lovely cover. <3 I can't wait to read Unravel Me - I know that it's bound to be AWESOME! I really like the cover too, very pretty! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda! <3

    1. I know, Boundless fits perfectly with the other books in the series and is soo pretty! I can't wait to read Unravel Me either! It is most definitely going to be AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your thoughts =)


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