Friday, January 20, 2012

Randomness: For the Love of Verse

As most of you know by now, I am in LOVE with novels in verse and I want to share that love with all of you!

I recently decided to host my own Novels In Verse Reading Challenge for 2012 and was beyond disappointed to see that only one person has signed up so far (not to mention that one person is my mom).

I thought there were a lot more people out there who shared this love of mine. I also know a lot of people are nervous about trying them out, but let me assure you once you read one I’ll be shocked if you’re not itching to get your hands on another. They are extremely addicting.

Contrary to what one might think of novels in verse, they are nothing like poems in the traditional sense and no-every line does not rhyme.

Let me be completely honest with you in saying that I hated poetry throughout high school and college; I never enjoyed having to read and write about poems. I could never decipher the true meaning hiding beneath the lyrical and beautiful words, which frustrated me. Novels in verse are nothing like reading a traditional poem. So if you’re afraid you’re not going to be able to understand them, fear not! 

Novels in verse are like the heart and soul of the writing body. They cut straight to the heart and to your emotions. There are no wasted words with this type of writing. Each word has a point and a purpose. They are in one word BEAUTIFUL!

The first book I ever read in verse was I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder and my love just grew from there. I highly recommend Lisa’s books to anyone considering reading a novel in verse. All four of her books are personal favorites and I have yet to find any other books that are even on the same level as these.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this post titled “To Verse, or Not To Verse, That Is The Question!” written by the lovely Cristina, ruler of The Princess of Storyland.

And if you’re feeling really brave, come join my mom and I in the 2012 Novels In Verse Reading Challenge! The first level is only 1-4 books. One to four: that’s a piece of cake! Plus there are going to be awesome author interviews and giveaways for challenge participants only. So don’t miss out on the fun! Join here. 


  1. Hi Amanda, I'd have to agree. I also fell in love with novels in verse when we had this theme November/December of last year (in fact there was a bit of spill over this January) - I was so sorry that our theme was over since I had quite a few novels-in-verse that I still wanted to read and review. Your reading challenge gives me that opportunity to explore more novels-in-verse! :) I am also posting a list of novels-in-verse sometime end of this month as a round-up for our recently concluded bimonthly theme, you might want to check that out once it's posted.

  2. I recently read a gorgeous story told entirely in verse - a retelling of a folk story, The Seal Hunter by Tony Mitton. It's gorgeous. And made me think about the times before the written word when so many stories were passed on orally, and verse and music must have played a much bigger role.

  3. Hi Amanda! Have you read CHASING BROOKLYN by Lisa Schroeder? It's one of my favorites. Good luck with your challenge.

  4. Hi Myra, you can never read too many novels-in-verse =) Glad your excited about the challenge! I'll be looking forward to seeing that list.

    Hi Playing by the book, thanks for stopping by! I've never heard of that one, I'll have to add it to my list.

    Hi Blessy, I have read Chasing Brooklyn it is one of my favorites as well! =)

  5. I think poetry is awesome but I haven't read a novel in verse yet. It's not that I've actively avoided them; it's more just that I haven't heard of many and didn't get struck by the ones I have heard of. This challenge might just be the push I need. Thanks for posting about it!

  6. I don't know. I like reading poetry, and I like reading novels, but I am not entirely sold on novels in verse.

    Nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award -- post is on my blog today!

  7. Hey Jen, whenever your ready you really should give one a shot, there spectacular! Thanks for the nomination!! I'm so excited =D


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