Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordlover Wednesday: Collywobbles

Public speaking is my arch nemesis!
 I despise public speaking. Like really, REALLY despise it. 
 I usually start shaking and mess up while saying really easy words. 
So yesterday at school, I had to give  a ten minute 
presentation in-front of my graphic design class. Of course
that is my last class of the day, giving me ample amounts
of time to be a worrywort. And so it goes...
This is the event that led to todays wordlover word.

Collywobbles (kale-wabelz)
Plural noun- butterflies in the stomach
-intense anxiety or nervousness
Ex. Such organizations give him the collywobbles.

Public speaking definitely gives me a bad case of the collywobbles!

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